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A small boutique style pharmacy located on Kimberley's beloved Platzl. A modern mountain pharmacy with a fresh welcoming environment

NEW 💊 Minor Ailment Prescribing
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About us

We are ready to help you

We're excited to share that our pharmacists can now diagnose and prescribe medications for minor ailments and contraception, right here in our pharmacy!

Our expert pharmacists can manage conditions like acne, allergies, urinary tract infections, and many more. If your ailment is minor and can be diagnosed without a lab test, chances are we can help!

Why Us

Your well-being is our main priority

We put your health and wellness before anything by helping you through your health journeys.

How we can help

Our Services

We offer comprehensive services to help you with all your medication needs.


We carry all the prescription medications that you would find at any community pharmacy. Once we receive your prescription, we work with your doctor to ensure that it is safe and effective for you.

Blister Packs

If you forget to take your medications on time or if you're taking a lot of medications, we can organize your pills in easy-to-use bubble packs. It can help ensure that you don't miss your dose or keep track of your medications.

Medication Reviews

We are here to help you understand your medications and their benefits. During a medication review, we optimize your health by assessing the medications and supplements you take and discussing how they are relevant to your overall health.

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We are ready to help you

A boutique-styled pharmacy in Kimberley

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