About us

Hi Kimberley!

We're the owners/pharmacists you'll find working at Mountain & Pestle Pharmacy, Carley and Sarah.

Our Story

We met while working at a large corporate pharmacy in Cranbrook, BC. We both strived to provide excellent care to our patients, however, staffing shortages and an ever-growing workload made this difficult to maintain. When the perfect location came up in Kimberley, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We decided to create a pharmacy where patients are provided with the exceptional care they deserve.  We have seen first hand the catastrophic effects the COVID19 pandemic has had on the healthcare system and we believe our pharmacy can help ease such effects in the community of Kimberley.

How we can help

Our Services

We offer comprehensive services to help you with all your medication needs.


Get your prescriptions filled and receive ongoing pharmacist support. We also help you manage your overall health.

Blister Packs

Get your medications in easy-to-use packs so you remember to take them on time without missing a dose.

Medication Reviews

Review your medications with our pharmacists to understand what you take and how to take them.